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About Us

Tokyo Creative is dedicated to creating content that provides a unique insight into all aspects of Japanese culture and daily life. We work closely with local governmental organizations and manage some of the most popular English speaking social media influencers who make Japan-related content.

We showcase all of the content we produce across the following channels:

Our Travel Website

On, you can find over 6,000 exclusive Japan-related articles, over 10,000 Japanese sights and extensive information on each of the 47 prefectures. Start planning your trip to Japan today by adding any of these sights to your very own 'collections' and learn exactly how to travel between each.

This website is available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Our Corporate Website

Check out our corporate website for information on the talent we manage and the type of projects we undertake. We are proud to be an agency for over 30 social media influencers who have over 13 million combined subscribers and over 1 billion combined views.

This website is available in English and Japanese.

Our Educational Platform

Tokyo Creative Learn is our On Demand Video platform, which provides weekly releases of exclusive, high quality, educational content. Whether you want to position yourself to become a Youtuber in Japan, or simply have an interest in daily Japanese life, for $9.99 a month, you can learn from some of Asia's most popular influencers and even meet them at one of our offline events.

This website is currently only available in English, with other languages planned in the future.

Our Youtube Channels

Tokyo Creative Play
Tokyo Creative Talk

Our two main Youtube channels include videos featuring both Tokyo Creative Influencers and staff members. With both fun and informative videos covering a huge range of topics helpful for anyone visiting or planning to move to Japan, we aim to provide something for everyone!

The Team

We are a diverse team with members hailing from Japan, Canada, Taiwan, China, the USA, the Philippines, Australia, Singapore and the UK.

For more information about individual members, please check out the Team Page on our corporate site.