Sakurajima Magma Hot Spring


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Can you resist the urge to visit a magma heated natural hot spring when visiting an active volcano? I know I sure can't! Just a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal and main access point of Sakurajima, the magma hot spring is a great way to relax after a long (or short) journey. Overlooking the sea separating Kagoshima and Sakurajima, you're in for a nice view while you soak.

For a meager fee, you can experience two kinds of hot spring baths, as well as the sauna and cold water bath. Forgot your towel? Don't carry a towel everywhere you go? Fear not! You can rent a towel from the front desk for cheap.

Japanese hot springs, or onsen, are the perfect place to chat with other travelers. Japanese and foreigners alike enjoy a dip in the hot spring. Japanese people are likely to take note of a foreigner present at a hot spring, but they won't think much of it beyond that.

There are some souvenir shops around the onsen to take a look at. Also on site (just outside the onsen) is a free foot bath! Relax your feet and enjoy the nice view of Kagoshima from the coast of Sakurajima.

If you're in the area, check out Sakurajima Magma Hot Spring! Drop your drawers, grab a tiny towel, and let your aches, pains, and shame melt away in this refreshing hot spring.